Anson Kuang started his career in mechanical engineering in metal and plastic manufacturing in 1993 and became a leading supplier of smartphone accessories to top brands by 2002. He had been monitoring the team involved in New Product Development, Design Creation, Production Process Enhancement, and Management to provide perfect solutions.

With his intensive experience, precise mechanic engineering know-how, and a strong sense of quality assurance, Anson began his venture in Fashion Jewelry by founding SUNKING Jewelry Ltd in 2009. In less than 3 years, SUNKING Jewelry Ltd became one of the top OEM & ODM manufacturers of stainless steel Jewelry and serves famous brands and retailers from Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia with trendy and constant high-quality fashion jewelry.


Anson is the pioneer in inheriting precision engineering in high technology production and constant quality requirements for Fashion Jewelry.

Anson has good track records in building teams to provide trouble-free solutions to customers, with his 30 years plus experience in the industry and the creative product design capability, standard operations process, and quality control, he successfully achieves to turn SUNKING into a solution provider and reliable partner to overseas clients and gains a lot of great satisfaction.

Besides jewelry, Anson is also experienced in designing and developing high-end stainless steel and aluminum crafts and accessories, SUNKING is open to opportunities and inquiries, and warmly welcome to discuss, negotiate business, and create a better future!